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Friday, 23-Aug-2019
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Prioritising Applications

Prioritising applications 


Charnwood HomeSearch uses a banding scheme to prioritise applications according to housing need.  However, we aim to ensure that homeseekers in a variety of different circumstances have a chance to be offered a new home. 

Homeseekers will be assessed and placed into one of the following 4 bands:

Priority Housing Need

  • Homeless - to whom the council has a statutory duty to offer housing
  • Emergency medical need
  • Emergency welfare need
  • Multiple/complex housing needs
  • Housing management priority
  • Displaced agricultural workers

High Housing Need

  • Has 2 or more needs from different sections in Medium Housing Need
  • Is overcrowded and short of two or more bedrooms
  • In supported accommodation and approved for move-on or independent living
  • Under-occupying social housing which is in high demand

Medium Housing Need

  • Other homeless households
  • Poor housing conditions
  • Medical need affected by housing
  • Welfare need affected by housing
  • Short-term accommodation

Low Housing Need

  • No local connection to the Leicestershire sub-region
  • Has the financial means to provide their own housing
  • Owner or joint owner of a property with no  medical or welfare needs
  • Owes a housing debt - where there is no arrangement to pay
  • Owes a housing debt - where a payment plan has not been maintained
  • Guilty of behaviour which affects suitability to be a tenant
  • Transfer applicant only eligible for a like-for-like move
  • Joint tenant of social housing property where the other party will not be moving
  • Only interested in HomeBuy or shared ownership options
  • Deliberate worsening of housing circumstances to get higher priority

More information is provided in Charnwood HomeSearch Bands and in our Allocations Policy



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